BFFs Hayden Summerall and Annie LeBlanc are constantly in each other's photos and videos. Fans are obsessed with their friendship and even more obsessed with the possibility that they could be dating! What do you think?

Who are Hayden Summerall and Annie LeBlanc?

Both Hayden and Annie are 12-year-old YouTubers. Annie films vlogs with her family on the channel Bratayley. Hayden also creates vlogs, but got his fame from his song covers. Annie dreams of being an actress and already stars in a few YouTube Red shows. Along with their YouTube Channels, Annie and Hayden are pretty big stars. Hayden and Annie are passionate about music, so they often perform on stage together!

Annie and Hayden star in a web series called Chicken Girls on the channel Brat. Just like in real life, Hayden and Annie play close friends who everyone thinks should be boyfriend and girlfriend. It certainly doesn't help rumors that they're dating.

How did Hayden Summerall and Annie LeBlanc meet?

Annie, her sister Hayley, and Hayden first officially met while getting dinner together in L.A. Clearly, they hit it off right away because Hayden wastes no time in mocking her video intros! After dinner, they mess around doing gymnastics tricks. Annie suggests that he learns how to do a backflip, so the next day they head to the gym. They've been close ever since!

Have Hayden Summerall and Annie LeBlanc confirmed their relationship?

Not in so many words. Fans all across YouTube have created edits and compiled evidence to try and prove that Hannie (their ship name) is real. Unfortunately, it's all just guessing. Until Hayden and Annie official confirm that they're dating, the world may never know. He recently promoted her "Ordinary Girl" music video writing, "This girl is so much better than Ordinary, So you should go watch her new music vid 'Ordinary Girl' right now on her YouTube??."

Fans are pretty confident there's something going on for a few reasons. Just a quick search of "Hannie" on YouTube will pull up thousands of edits of the two pre-teens.

Annie and Hayden are constantly teasing one another. Whenever they're near any body of water, Hayden picks Annie up and threatens to throw her in. Sometimes, he succeeds! They play-fight, chase, and mock each other almost always.

But when they aren't goofing around, they have some super sweet moments. It doesn't take dramatic music to see the pure joy they feel whenever they have a surprise visit. Oh, yeah. If Hannie is real, the couple is in a long distance relationship. Although Annie and her family are often in Los Angeles, they don't actually live in California. It's hard enough to be friends long distance, but these two make it work. This also explains how happy Annie and Hayden are when they finally do see each other. They have to hug hi and bye when they see each other. And not just quick courtesy hugs, they're never-let-go kind of hugs!

Even if they aren't dating, they tend to do some pretty classic boyfriend-girlfriend things, which only fuels the fire. When Annie is cold, Hayden offers up his hoodie. He's also obsessed with doing hairstyles in Annie's hair. They also mentioned that they want to do the "Boyfriend Does My Makeup Challenge" in a Bratayley vlog in October, but there hasn't been a video uploaded yet. Recently, Hayden and Annie have been doing a lot of dancing and twirls that easily rival Belle and Beast from Beauty and the Beast. It's only a matter of time before someone edits that.

Honestly, Annie and Hayden are so cute without confirming the relationship that it almost doesn't matter! Best friends or dating, Hannie is obviously meant to be and not likely to sink anytime soon. Until they confirm it, fans are just having way too much fun creating edits and investigating.

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