Over the past 11 years, Smosh has grown into something its co-founders Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox could never have imagined. They started making funny videos from their hometown in Sacramento, California. Originally, it was a single YouTube channel. Today, Smosh has grown to encompass seven YouTube channels with 40 million subscribers. Not to mention, it has over 11 billion YouTube video views and counting.

If you live under a rock and know nothing about YouTube, that's A LOT of video views. However, Anthony has decided to part ways with Smosh and venture out on his own. He shares his story on his own and also says goodbye to Smosh alongside Ian in another video.

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Anthony said, "I’m so sad to see this chapter of my life coming to a close, but I will continue to support Ian and wish nothing but the best for him and the brand we created together. As I begin this adventure, I am excited to return to a feeling that I felt many years ago: a rush of adrenaline following a new and exciting idea."

He continued, "To all those that have followed Ian and I throughout the years, I will always be so grateful for the continued love and support. As scary as this is, I am excited because I know that no matter what happens, I am following what’s true to me and what I’m passionate about. I hope to see you all on my journey."

The whole thing is super heartbreaking considering the duo have been best friends for 19 years. But, the most important thing they want fans to remember is that there is no bad blood between them. They are still friends and Ian is fully supportive of Anthony's decision.

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Ian said in the joint video, "As Anthony moves on to pursue new creative endeavors, myself and everyone at Smosh are excited to see what he does next. I’m really looking forward to taking Smosh to the next phase, and we can’t wait for people to see what we have coming up.

This whole thing obviously comes as a shock to the YouTube community. But, fans are excited to see what Anthony does on his own. And the fact that he and Ian are still super close makes this whole thing less sour. But his tears, are our tears. Smosh will miss the duo, indefinitely.

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