Justin Bieber sure knows how to get his fans talking. All he really has to do is post a picture or two on social media. It could be of the most abstract thing, but either way – it gets his fans talking.

The “Love Yourself,” singer got his fans speculating on what was currently happening in his love life, thanks to a picture posted on his newly activated Instagram account. The picture in question is of a person’s smile.

There’s nothing too scandalous about that, but Beliebers were quick to notice that the picture shared by Justin is actually a throwback picture of his ex – Chantel Jeffries. The original picture has since been deleted from her social media accounts, but thanks to the power of the internet – well, nothing ever really goes away.

Chantel originally shared this picture of herself during what appears to be a school picture day, from her childhood.

chantel jeffries twitter

If you look at the pictures closely and examine them side by side, it’s pretty obvious that the smile does belong to baby Chantel.

The two have been rumored to have had an on and off again relationship throughout the years, but could this latest post mean that the two are back on?

We’re not exactly sure, given that Justin and Chantel haven’t really been on anyone’s radar for quite some time. Last we checked, the “Sorry,” singer seemed to be single, but the last time he faced backlash from fans was after posting multiple pictures of himself and Sofia Richie which are still up.

Given that Justin’s Instagram account as of recently seems to be a collection of pictures he’s taken throughout his hiatus, this could simply be one that caught his eye or he felt could look sort of abstract and artsy on his feed.

For now, we’re going to have to keep an eye on both of their social media accounts and see if either Justin or Chantel share any more pictures of one another in some pretty creative ways.

Do you guys think this picture means the two are back on? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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