Are TikTok stars Nessa Barrett and Sabrina Quesada still friends? The pair were inseparable for months, posting photos and videos all over social media of one another, following the death of their close friend Cooper Noriega in June 2022. Keep reading to uncover where their friendship stands.

Are Nessa Barrett and Sabrina Quesada Friends?

It’s unclear where their relationship stands, as they haven’t posted photos or videos of one another since late 2022. It’s rumored that the pair had a falling out, after Sabrina admitted to losing “90% of her friends,” on a podcast episode from June 2023.

Nessa, 21, and Sabrina, 21, have been through a lot together.  “If I did not have Sabrina, you would not be seeing me,” Nessa said in an August 2022 YouTube video of the friends cooking on Sabrina’s channel. “Me and Nessa are trauma bonded, for real,” Sabrina added.

The two friends are referring to the death of Nessa’s best friend and Sabrina’s ex-boyfriend Cooper Noriega, who died on June 9, 2022.

Sabrina started dating Cooper in October 2020 and announced that they had split in April 2022. At the time, she wrote on her Instagram Story that the two were “no longer together” and that it was a “mutual decision.” She added, “We’re just young and sometimes things just don’t work out the way you want them to. I will love him forever and he will always be my best friend.”

For her part, Nessa and Cooper had been best friends prior to his death — and she has a tattoo dedicated to the late TikTok star. Following his death, Nessa released a song on June 23 called “die first,” which she dedicated to Cooper. In an Instagram caption that she posted the day before the song’s release, the singer explained what the song means to her in the wake of Cooper’s passing. “Coop said this was his favorite song off the album and im so happy i got to tell him that this song was for him and my mom before he passed,” she said. “this is ur song cooper. i feel u with me every time i listen.”

Since his passing, Nessa and Sabrina have been closer than ever, revealing they have been going through the stages of grief together. “We’ve been hitting, like, all the stages, at the same time,” Nessa revealed in Sabrina’a YouTube video.

“It’s insane, we practically live together,” Nessa shared, revealing that she goes “crazy” if she doesn’t see her best friend for a day. Sabrina added, “I don’t think we’ve spent 24 hours [without each other] in the past few months.”

Fans of the young stars are loving this supportive friendship, too. “Anyways stan sabrina quesada and nessa barrett my favorite duo ever,” wrote one fan on Twitter. Another fan tweeted, “no thoughts head empty, just sabrina quesada & nessa barrett.”

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