Taylor Swift is known for being the queen of #SquadGoals, but there's one person who has been by her side before she was ever, you know, one of the biggest pop stars on the planet. That's right, we're talking about Abigail Anderson, who has been Tay's BFF since the pair met freshman year of high school. They go way back and Abigail even got a shout-out in Taylor's song "Fifteen," so you know these two are the real deal. They have plenty of slightly embarrassing yet oh so hilarious throwback pics together:

taylor swift abigail anderson throwback

And along with being Taylor's date to the Grammys in 2015, these two still hang out all the time and even spend holidays together.

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Christmas is all around us 🎄

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Abigail is engaged to her longtime love Matt Lucier and since Taylor was the maid of honor at her other childhood bestie Brit Maack's wedding, everyone is assuming she will once again be called upon as a bridesmaid for Abigail's big day. Well, Abigail is currently celebrating her final days before she gets married and the "Shake It Off" singer is nowhere to be found.

Let's examine the evidence:

Abigail and Matt had a party in honor of their upcoming big day and of course there was a photo booth, filled with it was a 1920s, straight out of the The Great Gatsby themed bash. She shared tons of pics on Instagram and even included some with her bridesmaids, but noticably absent from this shindig was Taylor.

OK, so she couldn't make it to one party we're going to assume. Although Taylor has stepped out of the spotlight for a minute, that doesn't mean she's not busy at all. She hss been travleing around with her boyfriend Joe Alwyn, keeping things super low-key and we're hoping she's been working hard crafting up some new songs for the an album we've all been waiting for. But currently, Abigail is enjoying a bachelorette trip in Mexico and once again, Taylor isn't there. At least not in the photos we're seeing.

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So what's the deal? Is Taylor not a bridesmaid then?! Well, while that is totally possible, since it's clear Abigail does have tons of friends to choose from, we have a feeling Taylor will be standing by her BFF on her special day. Not everyone can make it to a vacation and back in June, Abigail did post to her Instagram story a look at gifts for her bridesmaid and eagle-eyes fans took note that Taylor's name was on one of the bags.

So unless there's another beloved Taylor in her life, it's safe to say she IS referencing Ms. Swift here. Abigail and Matt's big day is coming soon so we'll find out for sure if Taylor is actually part of the bridal party. But even if she isn't ,she no doubt will be there to celebrate her dear friend's wedding. After all, remember when Tay had a huge banner for the couple at her last Fourth of July party?

A true friend right there.

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