Ariana Grande has proven time and time that she’s a resilient queen, able to take all the heartbreak she’s sadly endured and channel it into something positive. Her latest single, “thank u, next” is the perfect example of her mindset, where she looks back at her former relationships that didn’t work out and focuses on the life lessons she got from them and how she’s learned to truly love herself in the process. She headed to The Ellen DeGeneres Show where she sang the jam for the first time and in typical Ari fashion, things got real.

The 25-year-old songstress performed the tune with her besties Victoria Monet and Tayla Parx, who co-wrote the song with her, and the overall theme of the performance was inspired by a scene from one of her fave movies The First Wives Club. So their all-white outfits, the party backdrop, the choreography, was all straight from the film. During one moment though, Ari stood up on a chair and poor thing nearly fell as she was coming back down!

Ariana Grande Falling

But the drama didn’t stop. Ariana got a bit choked up singing some lyrics in the song, and you can hear her voice break as she sings, “One day I’ll walk the aisle/holding hands with my mama/I’ll be thanking my dad/’cause she grew from the drama.”

Ariana Grande Crying

It’s no secret Ariana and her mom Joan are super close and the singer has been vocal about the fact that her parents got divorced when she was young. So she simply got hit with a wave of emotions singing this verse and seriously, we all just want to give her a hug. But she powered through and laughed with her girls as she finished the song. Ariana slayed yet again and Ellen told her what we’re all thinking at the end of the performance: “You’ve had a rough year, we all love you, we support you.”

Brb, crying forever as our hearts are filled with all the pride.

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