For British Ariana Grande fans who had just seen her walk off the stage after her tour stop in Manchester for the Dangerous Woman World Tour, what was supposed to be an unforgettable memory was quickly tarnished after an attack took place after the show, leaving fans injured and killing at least 22 of the concert goers. When tragedies such as this one strike, though revealing so much of the negative that exists in the world, it also shows all the goodness from people who sidestep fear and try to help those affected by the situation.

Celebrities have been reacting on social media sending their love and prayers to the singer and her fans, but what is truly impressive is seeing Arianators busy trying to spread helpful messages and support and the heroic people at the scene who jumped to action to help the victims of the attack.

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Ariana’s mother, Joan Grande, was at the concert and helped bring as many as 10 fans backstage who were sitting around her when the explosion happened. Paula Robinson, a woman who was outside of the arena when the bomb went off rushed over 50 concert goers to safety, after seeing a lot of them running without parents or adult supervision and later posted statuses on Facebook for people to share and let them know where their children could be found.

“Parents were frantic running about trying to get to their children. There were lots and lots of children at Holiday Inn,” Paula told Reuters.

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While people say that teenagers spend too much time on social media, many of them proved just how incredible a platform like Twitter could be during situations like these. A lot of people began posting photos of the missing people, while others shared information about their whereabouts so that their families could find them.

Fans took it upon themselves to help find people who were missing by creating threads with photos of people being reported missing, and later announcing when they had been found. While some photos being shared were fake, and not of the actual concert goers, this helped some people track their loved ones.

People have been lining up for hours at blood donor centers to help the people that were injured, taxi drivers were turning off their meters and taking people home free of charge, a homeless man jumped to help injured children, others offered their homes, places to stay and food to people who could not get home after the incident using the hashtag #roomformanchester.

Manchester Arena praised those who helped total strangers following the attack and said how inspiring it was to see people come together.

Music has been helping people heal and be happy for centuries. Seeing your favorite artist take the stage singing songs live that are meaningful to you is one of the richest experiences for people who love music and tragedies like these can prevent people from being able to truly openly enjoy these events without fear.

We hope that though it is always important to stay vigilant, seeing the positive side of bad situations fills fans hearts with hope and that they continue to see the world as a good place and do not allow these moments to deter them from enjoying the things that bring them joy.

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Our thoughts are with Ariana Grande, her fans, and everyone lost and affected by this tragedy.

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