Ariana Grande is no rookie when it comes to performing which is why fans went into total shock mode as the songstress strutted her stuff and almost completely wiped out during her Dangerous Woman Tour. Ari was going about her normal routine and of course was wearing sky-high boots – a real Ariana move. But, this time, things didn’t quite go according to plan. As she stepped up onto a high platform, the shoes started slipping out from underneath her. Literally you guys, I gasped the first, second, and even third time I watched the clip. Thankfully, one man beside her saved the day.

Watch the video and check out Ariana almost falling face down during her performance on the Dangerous Woman tour.

Oh. my. god. As if Ariana hasn’t gone through a whirlwind of emotions and hardships during this tour, the last thing she needed was to legitimately fall flat on her face during one of the last shows. Thankfully, her dancers always have her back. It’s adorable to see, really. It gives fans just a glimpse of how close and tight-knit she is with the people that perform beside her who may not be a famous face.

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