Have you guys seen the lyrics of Ariana Grande‘s new song yet? The pop star’s song “Monopoly” with Victoria Monét leaked early, and let’s just say some fans are now utterly convinced the “God Is a Woman” singer is bisexual. Wait, what?

You heard that correctly, folks! Arianators are back at it again with their theories that the 25-year-old is bisexual, but this time, the lyrics of the new track might actually prove it to be true. The “Monopoly” lyrics include a major hint that the singer is into both girls and guys, and now fans just want to know the truth.

In particular, people are absolutely freaking out over the lyric: “I like women and men (yeah).” Welp, it sounds pretty straightforward, and of course, diehard Ari fans on social media have officially lost their minds over those few simple words.


Another fan shared a similar sentiment, writing, “ARIANA IS BISEXUAL MY WHOLE LIFE IS COMPLETE.”

Clearly, people are living for the idea of Ariana Grande being bisexual, but other fans pointed out something pretty important: She hasn’t confirmed it yet. In fact, some people even accused her of queerbaiting to get the LGBTQ+ community to listen to the song.

“Ariana better be bi or else she’s gonna be canceled for queerbaiting the LGBTQ community,” someone wrote.

This wouldn’t be the first time the “Sweetener” songstress has been accused of queerbaiting. When fans thought her “Thank U, Next” lyrics revealed a secret relationship with a mystery woman named Aubrey, the singer was sure to tease fans about the confusing lyrics in the corresponding music video. Then, her video for “Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored” revealed a surprising plot twist that she wanted the guy to break up with his girlfriend so that she could have her.

At this point, it’s obvious that people on social media have mixed opinions about the lyrics and whether or not they confirm Ari’s bisexuality — especially since she’s seemingly teased the LGBTQ+ community about her sexuality in the past. But before we all accuse Ariana of queerbaiting, it’s important to note that Victoria openly identifies as bisexual, so the song could very well be about her.

Well, what do you guys think? Are the lyrics a tell-tale sign that the “No Tears Left to Cry” singer is bisexual, or are some fans just taking the lyrics way too literally? We don’t know about you, but we’re going to wait for Ariana to speak on this directly before we make any assumptions. After all, assuming someone’s sexuality just isn’t cool.

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