There’s a secret message in Ariana Grande‘s song “Pete Davidson” that you probably didn’t notice and will most likely freak out over. A fan actually discovered the major Easter egg when she decided to learn the guitar chords for the tune about the singer’s ex-fiancé. A lot of songs are made up of three or four chords used over and over again, and the same goes for “Pete Davidson,” but the fan pointed out that the notes actually spell out a very interesting word. It turns out, the song consists of the B chord, the A chord, and the E chord, over and over again, in that order. Yep, that’s right guys, the 25-year-old wrote an entire song about her former bae, using the chords that spell the word “bae!” Coincidence? I think not!

Ariana is the queen of hidden messages, after all. I mean, who remembers all the Easter eggs in the “Thank U, Next” music video? For example, there were tons of secret notes written in the “Thank U, Next” burn book, including a message to her former flame, Big Sean, that said she’d totally get back with him. Plus, the license plate of her car was a tribute to her besties, and the entire 13 Going On 30 inspired dollhouse was filled with double entendres.

Not to mention her “Breathin” music video, which was also filled with tons of hidden messages! In the video, fans noticed that the singer included a few secret words in the bus schedule — “Needy,” “Remember,” and “Imagine,” — and believe that they might be song titles for her upcoming album. Ari even added a major Pete reference in the vid when she used a bunch of clouds, which, as J-14 readers know, was her and her ex’s thing, since they have matching cloud tattoos.

Ari and Pete were engaged for four months before calling off their engagement back in October. We are having so much fun decoding all of the singer’s secret messages. Have you found any that we haven’t?

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