Get ready dance fans because a brand new show is coming soon to Disney Channel. On Sunday, February 23, ZOMBIES 2 stars Ariel Martin and Trevor Tordjman will team up with celebrity choreographer Phil Wright for Disney Fam Jam.

Each episode of the high-energy series will bring together two families as they compete in a dance competition to become the Disney Fam Jam champion, win $10,000 and an awesome trophy. J-14 a chance to sit down with the show’s hosts Ariel and Trevor and they spilled some tea on everything from the show-stopping performances to some behind-the-scenes secrets!

J-14: Tell us what viewers can expect to see on Disney Fam Jam? 

Ariel Martin: Expect a lot of heart, a lot of soul and a lot of love. The entire show was created with so much passion and love. When people watch that they’re going to feel that and just want to get up and dance. Expect real families with real inspiring stories that they’re going to share.

Trevor Tordjman: On Fam Jam you get to meet these incredible families and they build performances and then they battle head to head for $10,000 and the Fam Jam trophy. It is so much fun, you’re going to be dancing the whole time watching it.

J-14: Can you tell us a little bit about your role as the show’s hosts?

Ariel: We’re having fun, hopefully making the families comfortable and being there as a guide for the families so it’s easier for them to get up on stage and dance their hearts out.

Trevor: We host the live part of the show when we’re in the studio doing the performances. We get to introduce the families and Phil. It’s really fun.

J-14: How was being a host different from your former acting roles?

Ariel: I have to dance the entire time and be loose and be free, it’s inspired me to come out of my shell. I’m lucky to be doing really amazing projects that are inspiring other people to be comfortable in their own skin but inspiring me to do the same.

Trevor: Getting to be yourself, I really enjoyed being a host and just going with the flow. It was a lot of fun. It’s very different from acting but getting to do that with Ariel and Phil was a lot of fun. I couldn’t have asked for a better team.

J-14: How was working on Fam Jam different from working together on ZOMBIES 2?

Ariel: We’re definitely become closer as hosts together. Both of us put absolutely everything into what we’re going. We were able to collaborate and had to learn how to bounce off of each other very quick. He’s amazing. He is so comfortable and so funny.

Trevor: Getting to work with [Ariel] and getting to know her a bit more was incredible. She has such a great personality and we have so much fun on the show together.

J-14:You also worked alongside Phil Wright on the show. What was it like working with him?

Ariel: One of the things I admire about Phil is that he is so caring about every single person that he meets and is so inspiring that he encourages everything. For him dance is about enjoying yourself and having fun. That meant a lot to me working beside him.

Trevor: He’s such a great, fun guy. Him and I got along right away.

J-14: Can you tease your favorite family from the show?

Ariel: When people watch the show they’re going to fall in love with every family because they all have something to teach us. I’ve learned something different from each family.

Trevor: There’s one [family’s] performance that involves tap dancing, which I absolutely love.

J-14: Can you share some funny behind-the-scenes stories or secrets from on set?

Ariel: Trevor is the funniest person I have ever met and between takes he would make me cry laughing. He would do it right before we would actually shoot — right before they would say “action.”

Trevor: Ariel and I have each other in our in-ears, so I used to mess with her and make her laugh. I was doing an accent and she was dying.

J-14: Can fans expect to see you two break out some moves on the dance floor?

Ariel: I am dancing the entire time!

Trevor: I break down a little move here and there. I can’t help it when the music is playing.

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