Aries are people born between the dates of March 21 to April 19, and are described as passionate, determined and a bit impatient. As the first astrology sign of the zodiac wheel, they’re often called “new souls,” known for their high energy. From Sofia Carson to Sadie Sink, keep reading for all of your fav celebs you didn’t realize were Aries!

“I am an Aries,” Sadie said proudly in an interview with W Magazine in March 2023. Aries are natural born leaders, they’re very passionate. Slightly aggressive sometimes, that doesn’t really resonate with me. Very determined, very driven and that resonates with me.

“[The] animal for Aries is a ram,” she added. “Maybe I’ll get a ram tattoo.”

Another celebrity who is an Aries — and is very into astrology — is none other than The Mandalorian‘s Pedro Pascal. Not only that, the actor knows his “Big Three,” which means his sun, moon and rising signs.

For context and a little astrology lesson, each planet in astrology (which includes the sun and moon), represents a different aspect within your personality, and the zodiac constellation it lies in determines how you express it. So, when people ask what your “sign” is, they’re really asking which zodiac constellation the sun was in when you were born. That being said, every other planet was also in the sky when you were born — but under which zodiac sign?

You can uncover your sun, moon and rising signs by your birth time, which Pedro said he isn’t quite sure about. “There’s a debate, because I can’t seem to track down my birth certificate [with his birth time], and my dad says one thing and I thought it was another.”

However, he is sure of one thing. “I’m an Aries sun,” Pedro proudly began. “But I’m either a Gemini rising or Cancer rising, but I know I have a Capricorn moon.”

“We are the best,” Pedro said of all Aries. “And the worst, kind of — we don’t do in-between.”

Scroll through the gallery below to uncover all of your favorite celebrities you didn’t realize were born under the zodiac sign of Aries.

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