Any High School Musical fan can no doubt break out into the full song and dance numbers from any of the three Disney movies. It’s some sort of unspoken rule that HSM fans, who are true legends themselves through and through, are able to still recite all the lyrics to the epic songs. You know, in case they find themselves singing karaoke with a stranger on New Year’s Eve like Troy and Gabriella did. But one of the movie’s stars just confessed that this isn’t something she can do and she was legit in the movies. And it’s none other than our Sharpay Evans, Ashley Tisdale!

Speaking to Accessthe 33-year-old starlet admitted while looking back on some HSM memories, she can’t break out into the “We’re All In This Together” choreography if she wanted to, but there’s a super special reason why she might be able to sing “Fabulous.”

“It feels like another lifetime ago. I had a lot of pink around me. I actually don’t really remember the dance moves, which is kind of shocking,” Ash said. “The only reason I might be able to [sing the songs] is because my niece just played me in her talent show. She auditioned and she actually got Sharpay. She did so good! It was really cute to see her do it.”

Aww, how adorable is that? Ashley’s niece doing her own version of Sharpay is just all types of amazing and the “Voices In My Head” songstress attributes the fact that Disney Channel still is so proud of the HSM trilogy and keeps airing them as to why it’s a series that keeps attracting more popularity.

“Disney plays it every single year, so you just have new fans that are like a whole new generation,” she said.

And while she’s focused on her original music now, we have a feeling if she really had to whip out a classic HSM performance, she totally could.

Sharpay HSM Quote
Disney Channel

Sharpay is simply unforgettable!


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