It’s no secret that Ashley Tisdale and her husband, Christopher French, are total relationship goals! They welcomed their daughter, Jupiter Iris, in March 2021.

“Jupiter’s amazing,” she told ET in August 2021. “She’s so, so great. We have her sleeping 12 hours now, so she’s killing it. We got her sleep trained, and she’s been amazing.”

Ashley also revealed Jupiter is “a big talker” to Very Well Family in July 2021. “I can’t explain her personality, but she’s an observer. She watches everything and she’s more like my husband in that way. She smiles, but only when she wants to — you can’t make her smile!”

Ashley also spoke to ET about how crazy it is to get back to her old self after giving birth. “I will look at Chris and be like, ‘We have a baby,’ because now I’m starting to, obviously, more physically get back to my old self. So, I think when you’re going through that, you’re like, I just had a baby, but now I’m starting to kind of look back into my old self, and you’re just like, ‘Oh, but then, I have this…’ She’s getting bigger, and I’m like, ‘I can’t believe she fit in me at one point.’ It’s just so wild.”
Wild enough, Ashley also has a pretty impressive roster of boyfriends before she married Christopher! The former Disney Channel starlet had her fair share of relationships with some other pretty notable names in Hollywood. Ever since she stole the show as Sharpay Evans in High School Musical, fans kept a watchful eye on Ashley’s love life. From long-term relationships to rumored beaus and everything in between, it’s finally time to break down this actress’ relationship history once and for all!

From dancer Jared Murillo to musician Martin Johnson and even a director in between, [has been been]***she has been*** caught packing on the PDA with her boyfriends over the years. But what went down with the starlet and her exes? What led to their breakups? And what are they up to now? No worries, guys, because J-14 has you covered!

Scroll through our gallery to uncover the complete history of all of Ashley Tisdale’s past and rumored relationships, what exactly went down.

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