It should be news to no one that K-Pop is, like, a pretty big deal. And when it comes to places to geek out with other mega-fans about Korean pop stars, what better place than KCON? J-14 reporter Liam McEwan attended the convention in Los Angeles, picking up some dance moves from attendees, checking out all the amazing merch, and even hitting up the McDonald’s booth. He also talked with ASTRO and K.A.R.D. about their music, their fans, and the appeal of the genre — and how long it takes learn their dance moves. (Fast, is the answer. Very fast.) They all even do a little dance in the moment, which you can watch in the video below.

KCON is an annual convention that’s been held since 2012. It started off in Southern California before expanding into other locations all over the world. And from the video above, you can totally tell it’s lit. Jeaous, anyone?

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