ATEEZ is known for their intense and fierce choreography, but when watching their performances, you’ll probably recognize San (a.k.a. the explosive dancer) usually taking over the spotlight. But can you believe that before debuting, one of San’s weakest skills was dancing, because we can’t! Keep reading to meet San, the “performance king” of ATEEZ.

Who Is San?

Before San debuted as a member of ATEEZ under KQ Entertainment in 2018, he trained under the company for around two years. In that time, his dance skills were not near as what they are today, therefore, he was not given a “lead dancer” title in ATEEZ and instead focused on vocal training. Fast forward to now, the K-pop star is known for his “krumping” dance style and being the “performance king” of ATEEZ. We love growth!

The K-pop star was born on July 10, 1999 (a Cancer!), and is from Namhae, South Gyeongsan, South Korea, making him the very first K-pop star to debut from his hometown! In 2021, he even became a promotional ambassador for his hometown.

His dad owns a Taekwondo studio, so he often shows off his skill in the martial arts during South Korean broadcast interviews — and also while performing (and the music video for “BOUNCY“)!

Fun fact: San went to high school with TXT member Yeonjun. The two attended the Korean Arts High School together, and have been super close ever since.

Who Are ATEEZ?

Eight makes one team: ATEEZ! The K-pop boy group debuted as an 8-member group in 2018 with debut songs “Pirate King” and “Treasure.” Along with San, other members include leader Hongjoong, SeonghwaYunho, Yeosang, San, Mingi, Wooyoung and Jongho. 

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – OCTOBER 23: (L-R) Yunho, Yeosang, Jongho, Mingi, Hongjoong, San and Wooyoung of K-pop band Ateez visit SiriusXM Studios on October 23, 2023 in New York City. (Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images) Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Most K-pop groups have a “concept,” which is their overall theme which help separate them from other groups. For ATEEZ, they are known as the “pirates of K-pop.”

“The pirate concept fits us so well,” Hongjoong told The Ringer in February 2022. “It can be mysterious, it can be powerful—we can say so many things and express so much within that theme. There are so many different types of pirates!” Hongjoong laughed. “Not real pirates. But we can imagine the concept in so many different ways,” he affirmed. “It’s not official, but we want to do more with that in the future.”

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