ATEEZ has tried it all on the stage: makeup, piercings, hair dye and even fake tattoos! But do any of the members have any real ink, or even, matching tattoos? The group that includes leader Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Mingi, Wooyoung and Jongho, have teased getting matching ink designs in the past. Keep reading to uncover all of the members that have tats, and what they mean.

Do Any ATEEZ Members Have Tattoos?

Only three members of ATEEZ have tattoos thus far, Hongjoong, San and Wooyoung.

Hongjoong has sported many fake tattoos during past performances, however, we know he has one real tattoo on his ankle. The ink design is the word “FAITH” written horizontally with wings on each side and was designed by the K-pop leader himself. He confirmed the tattoo during a livestream from May 2021, and revealed that it was inspired by his love for Peter Pan.

As for Wooyoung, the actor has a couple of phrases tattooed on his body. He revealed that one was a Spanish phrase on the left side of his ribcage, which fans haven’t been able to see too clearly. However, it reads “sin prosa sin pausa,” meaning “don’t rush but don’t give up.”

That’s not all of the phrases Wooyoung has tattooed on him, either. Most recently, he received a back tattoo that reads: “I’m never alone and I will never be.”


Do ATEEZ’s San and Wooyoung Have Matching Tattoos?

Both San and Wooyoung have matching tattoos. The band members both got the Latin phrase “Amicus ad aras” — which means “friends until death” — inked on their thighs. While fans have been able to spot San’s, they haven’t caught a good look at Wooyoung’s as of yet.

Does ATEEZ Have Matching Tattoos?

While San and Wooyoung have matching tattoos, the rest of the ATEEZ members don’t have matching tattoos — yet.

During an interview with Teen Vogue in May 2022, Jongho revealed, “It would take a lot of discussing,” for the group to get matching ink.

San jokingly teased on what the tattoo could be: “Eight makes one team?” he suggested of the K-pop band’s team motto. “I think we can’t do group tattoos,” Hongjoong revealed.

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