Austin & Ally aired its series finale in January of 2016 and it gave fans the ultimate ending: Austin Moon and Ally Dawson went on tour together and were a huge success and they ended up living happily ever after, getting married and having two kids. It was literally a fan fiction come to life and it was the perfect ending. So would Ross Lynch, Laura Marano, Raini Rodriguez and Calum Worthy be down for some sort of reunion one day? While the cast is still close, Ross explained on Entertainment Tonight Live they already had spoken about what a spin-off A&A show would look like. Hint: it would be much darker, similar to what Demi Lovato and the JoBros want to do with a possible Camp Rock 3.

“We had this joke for a long time on Austin & Ally where we wanted to do like maybe 10 years later, an HBO special where it’s gone completely explicit. But we’ll see. Honestly, I would be totally down to do that. I really love all those people, they’re all really good people. That was like a joke when we were filming but anything’s possible at this point,” Ross said.

OK, now it’s kind of hilarious the cast already had this mind while they were filming the series and who knows, it could happen one day. It would be interesting to see what the cast would have in mind since, in the series finale, the show did a 10-year time jump already. Maybe we’ll see that life wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine like we thought for our four faves but tbh, we don’t want to imagine their lives any other way.

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Guess time will tell if we ever get to see the more adult adventures of Austin, Ally, Dez, and Trish. The stars of the show are all super busy starring in new movies and TV shows along with making music, so it might not happen anytime soon. But knowing they really are still such good friends and always will be is precious. Real-life cast hangouts are enough of a reunion we need!

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