Have No Fear: Austin Mahone’s New Album Will Channel His Vulnerable Side

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For those Mahomies who have been waiting for what seems like forever to get their hands on an actual album from Austin Mahone, they may be relieved to know that wait may actually be over soon. Yup, the "Send It" singer is getting ready to put everything he’s written and recorded into something that will make fans feel one hundred and one different things. So cue the excitement.

In a new interview with People, Austin revealed that this album release may actually be happening much sooner than anyone thought. “I don’t have an exact date but I’m hoping end of the year, top of next year. Fingers crossed on that. It doesn’t have a name yet. Because I’m still trying to figure out the songs so maybe I’ll get inspiration from a song title or something,” he said.

“A lot of songs I’ve put out in the past have been super upbeat and exciting, and this time I’m going to slow it down and get a little bit of my feels in and show a little more vulnerability, so little slower and a different style to switch it up,” the singer continued to say. So fans clearly need to get ready for a whole new era, which he’s been teasing Mahonies about on social media. Just a few days ago, he shared a picture of himself working in the studio with a producer and wrote, “Still working 🔨.”

Austin is hard at work getting all those feels together for fans, which is totally exciting. Though one thing is everyone is dying to know is – will some of those songs be about his highly-publicized past relationships, or even about his most recent split with Katya Elise Henry? The answer to that is probably yes. He continued to say, “maybe you listen to one song on the project and it’s going to make you miss your ex a little bit. One song might make you actually cry. One song might make you want to snuggle up with someone.”

It’s not a definitive yes or no, but it is a clear-cut sign that Austin will not be holding back. Seeing just how vulnerable he’s going to be may require a bit of a wait, but that’s not going to stop Mahonies from being overly excited about this news.


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