The TikTok drama continues! Ever since fans became obsessed with the video-sharing app in late 2019, the biggest TikTok influencers have found themselves involved in a lot of drama — especially Ava Louise.

Social media users may remember when a girl went viral for licking an airplane toilet seat in March 2020. Well, that was Ava. At the time, she shared the now-controversial clip — uploaded at the height of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic — alongside a caption that read, “Coronavirus challenge.” Following the incident, Ava claimed she only pulled the stunt to promote her song “Skinny Legend Anthem.”

“My job is to shock people. That’s my brand. I’m sitting here thinking, ‘OK, I have a current top 10 song on TikTok … What can I do to make people click that link in my bio and listen to the song some more?’ Because that’s how I make money,” she told Distractify in April 2020. “I know I’m infamous, and I knew licking a toilet seat was going to be controversial … I want people searching Ava Louise on TikTok. So I licked the toilet.”

Aside from making a name for herself by licking the toilet seat on what she claimed at the time was her “sugar daddy’s” plane, the influencer has also appeared on multiple episodes of Dr. Phil and since started feuding with some pretty big Hollywood stars. What went down with Ava and Jeffree Star? What about Ava and Bryce Hall?

Scroll through our gallery for a breakdown of all the drama. 

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