Disney’s live action remake of the classic story Aladdin was cleared and ready to go. However, one problem still stood – the role for Aladdin has yet to be filled.

Okay, that’s not good.

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Fans took to Twitter to express their opinions about who they thought should audition for the part. Zayn Malik’s name came up quite a few times and so did the Victorious star Avan Jogia. It seems like Avan took the advice to heart because there are rumblings that he sent in an audition tape to the film’s director, Guy Ritchie. TMZ is reporting that the tape consists of Avan singing one of the songs from the soundtrack and he’s good.

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Not only would this be amazing for Avan if he landed the lead role but he’s also totally perfect for it. I mean, he looks exactly like we always pictured the real-life Aladdin to look like and we’re not the only ones who think so. The Twitter world is going crazy posting side by side photos of Avan and the cartoon Aladdin.

Yes, the exact same – but what do we know.

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