Sad news, Twisted fans! The thrilling ABC Family mystery series has officially been cancelled, which means Avan Jogia won't be regularly gracing our television screens. Avan tweeted his immediate reaction to the news, saying he's bummed that the show only lasted one season (as are we).

"Got a break in shooting and just hearing the news myself that Twisted has been officially canceled," he wrote. "Thanks for sticking with us through this long process of awaiting its fate and want to thank everyone who invested their time in the show."

He wished his fans the best, but didn't offer any clues about what he has planned next.

"We had an unbelievably memorable time making it. Much love to our wonderful cast and crew and to you the viewers who showed us such amazing support," he continued.

We're so disappointed that ABC Family cancelled Twisted. It was so intense! On the bright side, maybe he'll have more time to spend with his girlfriend Zoey Deutch?

Are you upset that Twisted got cancelled? What do you think Avan will do next? Tell us in the comments!

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