Tears, you guys! Tears. It's a sad day for love because Baby Ariel and Blake Gray have broken up. They were together for eight months. The stars, who got their start on musical.ly, announced their split via Twitter with a heartbreaking message. He was the first to reveal the news, tweeting that they have "decided to take a break from each other" and will remain friends.

Although he didn't specify who initiated the split, it seems like he was the one who decided to take a break from the relationship to take some time to himself for personal discovery.

Soon after announcing the news, he tweeted a cryptic message about social media stars act differently when they're online compared to when they cameras aren't on.

When fans questioned whether the message was directed towards his ex (it was really funky timing, let's be honest), Blake clarified that he was not talking about Ariel. Thank goodness!

He did, however, say that he thinks fame has changed him and he's trying to better himself.

After he announced the sad news to their fans, Baby Ariel tweeted that she's "hurting a lot" from their split and "will always love" her ex.

This isn't the first time that the singer has gone through a rather public split. In July 2016, she broke up with Zach Clayton, another fan favorite couple. In December, Ariel started hinting that she was dating Blake. By the spring, they were posting lovey-dovey messages about each other on social media, truly defining relationship goals.

Fans are shook that Blariel, the romance, is over (for now).

While it's so sad that they've split up, we have to respect their decision. It's clearly a difficult time for both of them, and thankfully they're still friends. A toxic split is hard enough, so it's nice to see they've circumvented that drama!

Click through the gallery to relive some of Baby Ariel and Blake's happier moments together.

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