The stars of 13 Reasons Why have become instant, overnight celebrities. While some of them have been acting since they were little children, the Netflix original series was the first time some of the stars acted on a TV show. A lot of fans have said that the actors look nothing like actual high school sophomores, which made us wonder what they all looked like before the fame!

Ross Butler joined in on the fun and made a before and after meme, saying that puberty hit him like a boxer. LOL!

The cast is an incredibly good looking group and with awesome and individual aesthetics but some of them come from humble beginnings and had awkward stages in their lives just any other teenager and young person. Is that not such a comforting feeling? Brandon Flynn, who plays Justin, is actually the CUTEST.

Click through the gallery to see the childhood photos of some of your favorite '13 Reasons Why' cast members.

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