We all hope to one day meet someone that we fall for the second we lay our eyes on them. And Bailee Madison was lucky enough to have that with her boyfriend, Alex Lange. The actress recently sat down with her sister, Kaitlin Vilasuso, for an interview, where she revealed that it was total love at first sight for her and her beau. As J-14 readers know, they started dating in 2016 and the couple could not get any cuter. From their adorable Instagram PDA to constantly gushing over each other, they are legit goals. And now, the actress has opened up about the day they first met and it sounds like a real life fairytale!

“I was at this clothing store opening, and it was packed, it was a packed house with a lot of good looking dudes. And he walked in and it was like no one else was there,” she dished about the magical moment. “There was just something about him.”

And she wasn’t the only one that noticed him right away. The 19-year-old revealed that her mom also picked him out of the crowd. Totally meant to be, right?

“And then my mom came up to me and literally said to me, ‘There’s this guy here,’ and I’m like, ‘Mom, we don’t really talk guys,’ so for her to say that and for us to pick the same guy, it was crazy,” she continued.

Wow, their romance honestly sounds like a plot from one of our favorite rom-coms. Bailee also explained that before she met Alex, she actually tried setting him up with one of her friends.

“I had seen a picture of him on my social media account about three months prior to meeting him, and I had tried to hook him up with a friend of mine. I literally texted her and I was like, ‘You guys should date, y’all would look really good together,'” she told her sister during their Just Between Us podcast. “And she was like, ‘No I already like someone else but I can introduce you guys.’ And I was like, ‘Nah, no interest, no time.'”

Little did she know she would be falling madly in love with the 23-year-old just three months later! So it turns out, love at first sight really does exist. Hearing Bailee’s magical love story definitely gives us much more hope that we will find it ourselves sometime soon! Keep looking ladies!

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