Bailee Madison and Emery Kelly have officially put any sort of bad blood behind them!

Bailee and Emery dated for several months back in 2015. When they called it quits, shippers were super upset. These two were the epitome of young love and fans hoped they would stay together for much longer than they did. Not to mention, the couple photos they put on social media were literally GOALS and the world couldn't get enough! After the split, details came out that were pretty upsetting and far from what the relationship looked like online.

While Bailee never named any names, she admitted that her ex-boyfriend had called her prude. Fans immediately believed she was talking about Emery. The only thing left to wonder was if they would ever get back on good terms.

To be honest, these two actually run in the same circle of friends so they were bound to bump into each other, at the very least, at some point in the future.

Well, the future is now.

This former couple has been seen together once before since their split but it was for a public event. While they acted cordial, that didn't necessarily mean they had gotten over the awkwardness of their past. Now, it seems like they are back to being friends and it's super exciting.

Forever In Your Mind member, Ricky Garcia, had a birthday party over the weekend which is where Bailee and Emery saw each other! Not only did they see each other, but it seems like they actually hung out too! Emery posted a photo on Instagram cozying up to his former flame with the caption, "it's always good to re-connect with good ole friends :)."

Aww! Bailee looks absolutely stunning. It's great to see how much these two have grown and matured. It's super tough to go through a break up in your teenage years, let alone having to do it in the public eye. It looks like Bailee and Emery have handled this whole situation with grace and class!

It's also important to realize that this hang out sesh between Bailee and Emery was definitely innocent and purely platonic. Bailee is really happy with her current boyfriend, Alex Lange! While there aren't any photos of them together at the birthday bash, we wouldn't be surprised if he was there as well.

And we have a feeling Emery is totally respectful of Bailee's new love and her happiness! It's just great to see a real confirmation that the FIYM heartthrob and Bailee are friendly ex's.

Are you surprised by the photo? Let us know in the comments below!

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