Emery Kelly and Ricky Garcia from Forever In Your Mind just went on a double date with their girlfriends, Bailee Madison and Chloe Lukasiak! They headed out to Griffith Park in Los Angeles, and had a romantic time watching the city lights. In fact, they even came up with their own ship name: #ChloeEmRickLee.

To be honest, we've never heard of a four-person ship name, but we kind of like it. Bailee and Emery are seriously the cutest, and so are Ricky and Chloe. Plus, the greatest part about going on a boy band double date? You know you can trust your bestie to get the good light for your perfect cuddly couple pic. No need to ask a rando!

Click through to see pics from their date, and let us know if you ship them (and like their ship name) in the comments!

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