It's time to get festive and Bailee Madison is here to help!

The Good Witch actress is spreading a little Christmas cheer this season and coming to ALL of our living rooms! Freeform's newest movie, Holiday Joy, follows Bailee, who plays the main character Joy, and the rest of her family including her brother played by, Luke Bilyk.

Joy's mother passed away a few years ago and now it's up to her to be the matriarchal figure the home craves. However, she can't help but wonder what it would be like to be a part of the perfect Wellman family next door.

When Joy wakes up and is now freakishly part of that family, problems arise. J-14 chatted EXCLUSIVELY with Bailee about playing this role as well as her favorite holiday traditions!

So, can she relate to her character who is entangled in this crazy situation? Bailee revealed, "I can definitely relate to a lot of aspects of Joy. I find her incredibly inquisitive in who she wants to be and the things that are going on around her. She loves her family so much. She wants to do them proud, she wants to be there for them, she wants to keep them safe and happy."

Aww! But, just because Bailee can relate to her character doesn't mean the role didn't come with challenges of it's own. Bailee said, "It was just making sure that, that the fact that she’s kind of woken up in this world is believable and kind of innocent and vulnerable as it could be. So I think it was kind of just wanting myself to be loose, have fun, be silly with it and not worry about looking pretty. Just kind of letting myself have a really good time and work with our great team."

bailee madison

We have a feeling she nailed the role! Bailee even let us in on an EXCLUSIVE secret that happened to her on set. Are you ready for it? She confessed, "I wore a wig for the first part of the movie which is a really, really dark wig and I had some padding underneath my clothes so I kind of visibly look a little bit different from the transition to the next part. Then when I played Joy Wellman I had highlight streaks. They were extensions and they put these long, chunky highlights to try to differ from the darker world that Joy lived in. Then the end of the movie was my natural hair so that was fun!"

Ahh! Make sure to watch out for these three different looks and see if you can figure out when she's wearing the wig and when she's not!

Of course, this is a holiday movie and we couldn't let Bailee go without asking her what her favorite holiday traditions are. She said, "I am a big fan of cooking with my whole family. Ever since I was little we always get in the kitchen and cooked. I think that always was when we really knew it was the holiday season. We also trade pajamas every Christmas Eve between all the girls in the family so I have pjs from when I was 8 that are now shorts on me because of how much I’ve grown."

Too freaking fun! Holiday Joy premieres TODAY on Freeform at 3 p.m. and is scheduled to run several other times over the course of the network's 25 Days of Christmas schedule. Make sure to check it out – this is going to be an instant holiday classic!

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