Ever since Wizards of Waverly Place ended in 2012, everyone has been longing for it to make a comeback. Well, fans of the iconic Disney Channel series might want to brace themselves because J-14 just caught up with Bailee Madison at the American Heart Association Red Dress event, and she revealed that she’s totally down for a reboot!

“I mean, obviously! I had the time of my life,” she gushed when we asked the actress if she’d want to reprise her role as Maxine Russo if the opportunity came along. “It was such a fun show. Yeah, obviously, if for some weird reason they wanted me back, I would for sure go.”

For those who forgot, the 20-year-old starred in a few episodes of the magical show, after Jake T. Austin‘s character was transformed into a girl!

“I was such a small part of a huge phenomenon that I don’t really know why Maxine would come back,” Bailee continued. “But if for some reason Jake didn’t want to come back and he was a girl again I’d obviously be down.”

Wow, this is seriously the best news ever! The brunette beauty even shared some of her own ideas for what she’d like to see happen if the show returned.

Selena Gomez Bailee Madison friendship

“I would like to see where they are now — life now, that would be so fun,” she dished.

Want to know the best part? Bailee told us that she’s still super close to her former costars.

“I adore all of them,” the Good Witch star added. “I was just texting with David [Henrie]. I’ve known him since I was so little so we were just texting back and forth. I can’t believe he’s a dad now, it’s wild. We all run in the same scene so we always see each other in passing, which is nice. We all had a chance to grow up with each other.”

Previously, Selena Gomez said she “would absolutely love to” star in a Wizards reprise.

“It makes me very happy. It was one of the greatest times of my life. I will never forget it,” the singer told KISS FM U.K. “I don’t know when that will happen or if that will happen but I am 1,000 percent down.”

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