Everyone has that one movie (or two, three, even five if I'm being honest here) that no matter what part you happen to catch it on when it's airing on TV, you can't help but just stop and watch it again. It might even be the movie you put on when you just feel like turning to an old reliable fave. And for some of us, that movie is Beastly. Yes, the 2011 fairytale flick starring Vanessa Hudgens and Alex Pettyfer that gave us a modern re-telling of the classic Beauty and the Beast story.

We all remember meeting the ridiculously handsome Kyle, who just so happened to have the ugliest heart ever, and freaking out when his classmate Kendra turned out to be a legit witch who cast a spell on him that turned him into a beast. The fact that this role was played by Mary-Kate Olsen made it all the more perfect.

mary kate olsen beastly

And then Kyle ends up having the stunning and oh so sweet former classmate of his Lindy stay with him, after he rescues her dad from dangerous drug dealers who vow to kill Lindy if they find her. As you already know, she stays with Kyle, along with his beloved maid Zola and blind tutor Will and by the end of the movie, they fall in love and break Kyle's curse. A new version of the tale as old as time that is just as beloved. It's hard to believe it's been six years since this movie was released, so we decided to take a bit of a trip down memory lane and uncover some unknown secrets about the movie. Have to be an expert when it comes to your all-time favorite movie, right?

The movie is based on a book of the same name.

OK, so this one might not be a big secret, but still a fun fact. The book, Beastly, was written by Alex Flinn and was released in 2007. Yes, an entire decade ago! The book reached the top of the New York Times Bestseller list and there is another version Lindy's Diary, that tells the story of her experience through her eyes since the first book is told from Kyle's point of view.

There is an alternate movie ending.

The ending you know shows up Kyle chasing after Lindy before she heads out on her school trip, he transforms back to his old self on the street and she then realizes who he really is once she tries calling "Hunter," which was what Kyle called himself during the time Lindy stayed with him. But this wasn't the only way the movie was set to conclude.

beastly end scene

There was an another ending filmed that follows more closely of how the book ends with Kyle rescuing Lindy and getting shot in the process. She then kisses him and he transforms right in front of her eyes. Check it out:

They're both so dramatic and romantic, it's hard to pick a fave version, tbh.

Zac Efron affected the release date of the movie.

OK, so let me explain this one. Vanessa and Zac were still happily together when she shot this movie and originally, it was supposed to be released on July 30, 2010, but then Zac's movie, Charlie St. Cloud, was set to come out that same day. To avoid any competition, the film was then pushed to March 2011. By that time though, Zanessa was dunzo.

Vanessa had never seen Mary-Kate's most famous role.

MK and her sister, Ashley, were teen queens but before they took on the movie and fashion world by storm, they were best known for sharing the role of Michelle Tanner on Full House. Vanessa admitted though, she had never seen the show when it came time to work with the actress. But she was still a major fangirl like the rest of us!

"I've never watched Full House, but I loved the home videos she and her sister put out. I adored them! I've been in her fan club ever since I was seven. But when I met her, I wanted to make sure I came off as a friend rather than a fan," Vanessa said.

Alex used to sing High School Musical songs to Vanessa on set.

Now this might just be the cutest. The duo spilled in an interview with MTV News that he used to sing "Breaking Free" to her, which V was a bit unimpressed by.

"I used to sing 'We're soaring, flying," and I didn't get any reaction,"Alex shared with Vanessa adding with a laugh, "Yeah, none."

LOL, imagine seeing that!

Vanessa was a bit freaked out by Alex's makeup.

Alex went through a massive transformation to become the Beast version of Kyle and it was something Vanessa had to get used to seeing on set.

"It was weird. It was so weird. I was used to his long blonde hair and then it was all gone and it was like, 'Oh, hi!' It was like meeting a person all over again for the first time. He really embraced the character and transformed the way he carried himself," she exclusively said to J-14.

Alex has said it took about nine and a half hours in the makeup chair for the artists to apply everything and totally change his appearance. But he asked that two spots on his face remain untouched: his eyes and his lips.

"For me, it was all about the eyes and the mouth. I didn't ever want any prosthetics [there]. You look into someone's eyes. You see who they really are and you can read them. and to fall in love with someone, you have to look into their windows, their eyes and see who they are," Alex explained.

beastly lindy and kyle

Brb, just going to watch this movie yet again.

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