Bella Thorne's got a long list of celeb crushes she is always very vocal about and this time she's got her sights on none other than Camila Cabello. Yep, that's right, Bella is all heart eyes over the "Havana" singer and she wants the world to know it, thank you very much.

The actress sat down for a chat with Stylecaster and was asked who her girl crushes are at the moment. That's when she mentioned she's really crushing on Camila and even saw the songstress out and about one night but didn't she didn't approach Camila.

"Who else is super hot? Oh, Camila Cabello. I think she’s so hot. I just saw her at a party the other night, but she was with a guy, so I wasn’t gonna hit on her because she was with a date," Bella said.

Umm okay, hold up a second. Who was this mystery guy Camila was on a date with?! And while it's very sweet of Bella to not want to interrupt what might've been a romantic evening for Camila and this guy, we hope she eventually gets to tell Camila how she feels. We're sure the "Crying in the Club" singer would be nothing but flattered! In the interview, Bella gushed about her longtime crushes Demi Lovato and Kristen Stewart too.

"I love Demi. We’re close. She’s amazing, just such a beautiful person inside and out. Love everything she stands for. Kristen Stewart—I’m like, 'Please.' She’s so hot. Oh. My. God. I literally love Kristen Stewart," Bella said. OK we all know B is never one to be shy and hid her true feelings that's for sure! We're a bit surprised Bella didn't mention her massive crush on fellow Disney Channel alum Dove Cameron, but clearly she just so much love for all these fab women. When it comes to her actual dating life though, Bella, who is obviously openly bisexual, said she has a hard time finding girls to date.

"It’s so hard. I can’t tell if a girl is trying to be best friends with me or if she wants to get with me or if she just wants social media followers. I’m just so confused when a girl talks to me. Girls can be very flirtatious, so I don’t want to make a move, and then you be like, 'Whoa, girl. Not what I was thinking, I don’t roll that way,'" she explained. "Then it’s so awkward. So I end up usually dating more guys, because with guys, I know if a guy’s hitting me up. They’re not just texting me to be my bestie."

Well it seems like the Famous In Love starlet's luck has changed, since she's recently been linked to YouTuber Tana Mongeau and they're making it known all over social media they're totally into each other. As long as Bella is happy, that's what matters most!

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