If you ever wanted to Bella Thorne back on the Disney Channel, it probably won’t happen – according to Bella, that is.

The Famous In Love actress blasted to stardom in the world of Disney when she starred on the show Shake It Up with one of her first friends in the industry, Zendaya. Ever since then Bella has gone on to really make a name for herself. She’s had roles in several movies, television shows and has tried her hand at voiceovers. Not only that but Bella has also transformed a bit from her Disney days.

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She’s become a bit more outspoken, been linked to a bunch of Hollywood heartthrobs including Gregg Sulkin, Charlie Puth, and Tyler Posey. She’s being herself. She’s kissed a girl on Snapchat and liked it as well as gotten a few different visible piercings in the years after Disney.

While she may not be the same, clean cut gal the world once saw her as. She’s still the same Bella. In what way, you may be wondering. She still loves Disney Channel!

A fan took to Twitter to make the connection that Bella would make a totally rad Kim Possible if Disney Channel ever decided to make the cartoon show come to life. To be honest, we can’t help but agree. Kim and Bella both have fierce freaking personalities and it would be the perfect match. Even though Bella would be down for the gig, she doesn’t think Disney would be.

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This is how it all went down on Twitter.

bella thorne disney channel

Yikes! Disney Channel hasn’t made a comment about what Bella said nor have they reached out to her to confirm or deny the allegation.

Like we pointed out before, Bella has changed a lot since her time on the network. However, that just means she has grown up. While there really is no telling what Disney Channel thinks of her new image, Bella believes they are definitely not down for it.

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