It’s true that Bella Thorne has had her fair share of exes, but she just revealed something major about one of them – that he or she still buys her underwear. Wait…what? The actress took to Twitter to show off her new underwear yet the caption she added is what really turned heads.

Bella tweeted, “When your ex buys you underwear ??.”

Hmm…while the star gave no clue as to which one of her exes she is talking about, it looks like she’s pretty darn happy with the new underwear. Now, the question remains – why would one of her exes get her these and literally who in the world could it be? Let’s break it down.

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We’re going to automatically rule out Charlie Puth. These two did not end on good terms. Of course, everyone remembers those infamous pictures that popped up online of Bella and Charlie kissing in Miami, Florida. The only problem was that Bella and Tyler Posey hadn’t announced their split, which reportedly happened two weeks prior to the liplock pics.

Therefore, fans went crazy accusing Bella of cheating. But, not only that, Charlie said he wasn’t aware that Bella and Tyler were still together and actually apologized to him on Twitter. The Famous in Love actress ultimately got death threats over the whole thing.

The situation was nasty. It’s possible that Charlie and Bella could have gotten over it, but there’s probably not a chance that he would go ahead and buy her something so intimate for her to put on social media.

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There’s a chance it could be Tyler. These two remained friends after their split and he was always up for something super spontaneous. They had a lot of fun together. ALSO, the shirt she’s wearing in the photo has a striking resemblance to the kind of style they donned when they stepped out in public. Not only that, but Bella defended Tyler after their breakup when inappropriate photos surfaced of him online. They are definitely still close.

Then, there’s her ex-boyfriend Gregg Sulkin, who she had a long-term relationship with. Gregg and Bella are definitely in each other’s lives and actually had to work together on a project once they called it quits. However, Gregg and Bella kind of separated themselves in the public eye once they broke up. We’d be shocked if he is the undies buyer.

But, again, Bella’s life comes with a lot of twists and turns and it could really be anyone. Our vote is for Tyler and now the question is – why in the world did he think to buy her this?! Here’s to hoping Bella will gift her fans with some more underwear clues.

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