How crazy would 2017 get if Bella Thorne and Dove Cameron started dating? To be honest, it could actually happen which would make for one of the coolest relationships ever!

Over the weekend Dove was seen kissing one of her girl friends AND she liked tweets asking if she was bisexual. Now fans are convinced she's totally into guys and girls, which obviously came as a huge surprise because she had been dating Ryan McCartan for so long. Dove hasn't dated, that we know of, any girls in her past so again, this was something super new that shocked fans!

So what does Bella have to do with it? Well, Bella is another star who has more openly talked about her sexuality. Her confession came on the heels of her break up with Gregg Sulkin. While we haven't seen her in a relationship with another girl just yet, she revealed that she's actually thought about what it would be like to date Dove!

bella thorne

We're not exactly sure if this question was prompted by Dove kissing a girl or if a fan just decided to ask Bella her opinion. Dove is beautiful so it's not totally surprising that Bella has thought about her in this way. Our only hope is that Dove sees this and responds! Do you think she'd be down to date Bella? It would be freaking epic. There's no doubt that their exes would be super jealous! LOL!

However, we must remember that Dove hasn't verbally confirmed that she's bisexual. She liked a few tweets that asked her if she was and kissed her friend. But, that could have just been innocent fun!

Here's to hoping that Dove gives us some answers super soon – and gives Bella a chance at what she may be looking for!

Do you think Dove would date Bella? Let us know in the comments below!

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