Bella Thorne and her rapper boyfriend Mod Sun have been going strong for a few months now and it looks like they may have taken things to the next level. Of course, Bella is known for getting the tiniest of tattoos in secret places on her body, but now, she got one that might be her most meaningful yet. She posted a photo of herself, topless nonetheless, on Instagram. She is showing off a new tattoo that says "I Love You" in all different colors. The font isn't rigid or a real style of any kind, it just looks like someone's handwriting – and that's because it is. It's actually Mod's handwriting proving that these two are head over heels for each other.

Not only does it show how strong their relationship is, but also that they are already using the "L" word with each other which is major. AND that Bella feels secure enough with where they stand that she would actually get his handwriting permanently inked on her body. Bella captioned the photo, "New lil tat ?? guess what my other tat says it's on my hip;)." And she responded to a fan by saying, "it's mods handwriting."



Aww! Yes, the pic is a bit scandalous but it's definitely Bella's vibe lately. This love tat wasn't the only one she showed off over the long weekend, either. The former Disney Channel star took to her Instagram story to show off her new hip ink that reads, "Bite Me." While there are fewer details surrounding this tattoo and the origin of it, we have a feeling it means something. Only time will tell if Bella decides to share what that exactly is.

Wow! Clearly, she's trying to make a statement and she has got our full attention. To be honest, we're excited to see what happens with her and Mod Sun and how they celebrate the holidays together. Things have moved fast between them, but they are obviously super happy which is all that matters. Now the only thing we can think of is if Mod Sun is going to get a tattoo with Bella's handwriting. It only makes sense!

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