Bella Thorne is not one to hold back on anything.

The actress will open up about pretty much whatever is on her mind, whether it be a scary procedure she’s currently going under or revealing just how she deals with something like acne, and how it affects her career.

In a new interview, Bella admitted although she has felt insecure about her acne in the past, and felt it could have influenced her career in a way.

"You go out and people think you're dirty, that you're, like, disgusting. That you must not take care of yourself because you're uncleanly because you have acne," she said.

However, it doesn’t bother her so much anymore. She also revealed that developing a thick skin about these issues has helped her change a lot.

"In the past three to four months, I've really changed. I've really become a very different person. I'm really happy I've grown into who I'm becoming now and who I will become. And I kinda just changed my whole opinion.”

That’s really great to hear. We’re glad Bella decided to be so honest about something everyone goes through.

What do you guys think about what Bella said? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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