We know it can sometimes seem like celebrities have all this confidence, but the truth is, they struggle with body image issues, too. Sure, some don’t speak out about it as often as others, but many bring attention to their issues in hopes of helping ordinary people who feel similarly about their own bodies.

So, who’s the latest celeb to bravely speak out? None other than Bella Thorne. The former Shake It Up star took to Instagram over the weekend to share some photos of a time in her life she considered herself to be unhealthy. According to her, her poor health was the result of all of the stress that comes along with working in Hollywood.

“This was taken at the end of 2016?-2017?” Bella wrote along with several bikini shots. “2018 was about getting my health back…this is what I look like when I’m stressed…. when im stressed it’s hard for me to work up an appetite.”

NGL, we’re sure so many people can relate. Stress manifests itself in a lot of different ways, and even though we should all love our bodies, the Midnight Sun star admits that, during this time in her life, she definitely wasn’t happy with the skin she was in.

Bella Thorne Body Image Issues

“I’m all about being yourself loving your body yada yada but these photos they make me not love anything about it. Looking back on these times and what this biz, and movies and life can do to you and everything along with that.”

While we may not be famous like her, we can all relate to stress, and of course, no one can love themselves 100 percent of the time. Still, Bella says she’s proud of what she’s gone through and what she’s overcome, and TBH, that’s a step in the right direction if you ask us!

Aside from not loving the way she looks, the 21-year-old admitted, “I look at this picture and I’m also proud. I’m so f–king proud because this year I gained all my weight back and more !!!! And I feel good but I do feel like I need to get back in the gym so I can be healthier in general. Eating the right things (double quarter pounders not included) so my body has the energy it needs to keep moving forward.. keep moving forward.”

Honestly, as long as she feels good mentally, physically, and emotionally, that’s all that matters, and we’re so proud that she’s taking the steps to become the healthiest version of herself she can be. Go Bella!

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