Bella Thorne and Bella Pendergast have quite a peculiar friendship and just this past Valentine's Day, they confused everyone by making them think they were actually each other's girlfriends! The girls have openly shared kisses on the lips before, and it was then that the Disney Channel star revealed that she was bisexual.


Most recently, the Shake It Up! star shared a photo of the note that was attached to her Valentine's Day flowers saying: "When your girlfriend sends you flowers ❤️❤️❤️ I love you baby"

bella thorne girlfriend

The note read: "Happy Valentine's Day to the most beautiful girl I know. Thank you for always loving me. I'll always love you. Your girlfriend forever, Bella P."

She recently got into a bit more drama after commenting on Louis Tomlinson's photo saying, "aww," which caused One Direction fans to completely attack her saying super mean things.

The star presumably reacted to the Directioner's comments by saying, "Hahahahaha got your panties all in a bunch?? me being a little pot stir as usual ? #littledevil let me live my life yo!!! Go live yours."

A Twitter user sent her a message saying she was going from, "guy after guy after guy after guy" and Bella responded saying, "Girl after girl after girl ;)??."

bella tweet blur

Even though her and Bella P. called themselves each other's girlfriends, it looks like Bella T. is not here for labels. (Plus, Bella P. celebrated Valentine's Day with her boyfriend.) Whether the actress is commenting on a newly single Louis' Instagram photo or not, it is her prerogative and she does not seem to care about what anyone else thinks of this.

Do you think the two Bellas are actually dating or just super loveable with each other? Tell us in the comments.

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