Bella Thorne might make some questionable decisions at times but we can totally relate to her now that she actually tried sliding into Cole Sprouse's DMs. Ring the alarms, you guys. This is not fake news and there are literal screen shots to prove it. But, let's back up a little bit. You might be wondering, why Cole would ever out Bella? Doesn't Bella have a boyfriend? Why would she be sliding into another former Disney Channel star's DMs? Solid points, solid points. All questions that need answers to because we are particularly shook that the Famous In Love actress has her eye on the blonde haired beauty.

Let's break it down. Yesterday Cole posted a photo on Instagram. Normal? Yes. It was a collage of pictures featuring himself posing in different angles from a photo shoot he did and you know, just looking handsome all around as usual. Cole captioned the 'gram, "Oh the pomposity. Casting call from @stevenkleinstudio for @vman Styling: @mjellenberger."

So here is where it gets a little bit cray. A fan account, @csjbcole, reposted the photo because that's what fan accounts do. Well, Bella got a little confused. She actually slid into the DMs of the fan account, most likely thinking she was contacting the real Cole. Hi, yes, will the real Cole Sprouse please stand up?

Bella simply wrote, "Wow," about the collage of photos. And what do you do when the Shake It Up star messages you thinking you're the real Cole Sprouse? You post it on Twitter, that's what you do. The fan account tweeted, "Bella thorne sent me a message (probably by accident) and then deleted it straight away lmao."

L.O.L. Okay, so at least she realized her mistake. But, still, this is everything. We must remember Bella and Cole have actually known each other for a long time. They appeared in a yogurt commercial together years ago. So, this could just be a friendly 'wow.' Not like a 'wow I want to date you' kind of thing. Just like 'wow you're really cool' kind of thing.

bella thorne cole dylan

See, literal babies. Also, it's worth noting that Cole has been recently linked to his Riverdale co-star Lili Reinhart. Unfortunately, this could probably, most likely definitely be very innocent. But, still, Bella let's stick to texting. That stuff doesn't get out as easy!

But, WE DIGRESS…A few details we learned here, Bella trolls Cole's Instagram. Bella thinks Cole is hot. (Don't we all?) Bella deletes DMs when she knows she screwed up. Now, all we have is one last question. What does Cole make of this? We have a feeling he's totally flattered. Blackbear should cover his eyes, though, because Cella – yes, that is their ship name from here on out – would be a match made in Disney Channel alum heaven we never saw coming but hey, kind of here for it.

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