Bella Thorne may have it all right now when it comes to her professional career – her new show on Freeform titled, Famous In Love, has been super successful and the pilot only just aired this week. However, on the dating front, Bella hasn't had quite the same luck.

In the past year, she has been romantically linked with her longtime boyfriend Gregg Sulkin, Tyler Posey, Charlie Puth and Sam Pepper. While Bella is just a girl trying to find love in the crazy web of Hollywood heartthrobs, fans have given her lots of hate over her dating life. The former Disney Channel star has actually previously opened up about what it was like getting death threats on social media once photos of her and Charlie kissing hit the Internet.

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It's been tough and exhausting but Bella has kept her head high and is still trying to figure out what these boys really want. Hey Bella, you're not in this alone, girl!

She chatted with Entertainment Tonight at the Freeform upfronts in New York City this week about dating in Hollywood and said, "I think there are no rules. But I literally have no idea. I can't figure it out myself."

The actress previously told Entertainment Tonight that dating in this world of celebrities is the worst thing. She admitted, "People are really crazy on social and, unfortunately, I date people that have girls, like, in love with them. They're, like, really in love with them and they want to kill me. Literally, I was getting death threats, full-on death threats on Twitter."

Not only that but she talked about everything people say about her on social media and to be honest, it's kind of heartbreaking. She said, "People say that I don't eat and I just think it's so ridiculous. If you follow me on Snapchat, anybody that knows me is like, 'I've never known a girl who eats as much as she does.' I just work out a ton, but I haven't worked out in a while, so don't look at me."

One thing is for sure, Bella may not have everything figured out yet between boys and how to handle fans who call her out for ridiculous things but she does have her head on straight and sometimes, that's all you can ask for!

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