You probably know Tristan Klier as the cutie who had Bella Thorne’s heart for three whole years, before they broke up in 2015. They were honestly #couplegoals, and we loved that Tristan wasn’t in the industry, giving Bella some normalcy in her star-studded life. Unfortunately, this is exactly the reason they didn’t last! Shortly before their breakup, she told Teen Vogue: “It’s hard for [Tristan] to understand my job. He doesn’t get why I have to go to events. Or he’ll say, ‘What do you mean you’re still on set? It’s six o’clock in the morning.'” We can totally understand how it would be hard to keep up with Bella’s crazy schedule.

Since their breakup, Bella has been linked to a bunch of Hollywood hotties. From Gregg Sulkin, to Tyler Posey, to Charlie Puth, and many more! Despite her whirlwind romances, no one has lasted as long as Tristan did. Still, it wasn’t all smooth sailing during Bella and Tristan’s three-year run. After getting together back in 2011, the pair briefly broke up in 2014. Bella suggested that the breakup might have been related to infidelity or lack of honesty on Tristan’s part — not cool. Despite that split, the couple got back together in late 2014 and were going strong for about six months before finally ending things for good.

Despite their rocky romance, we were kind of in love with Bella and Tristan together. They had so many adorable pictures, and both of their Instagrams were a testament to how cute the couple was. We thought we had lost lots of those pictures, however, when Tristan deactivated his Instagram. Luckily for us, Tristan is now back in the Insta game and better than ever. Since he recently reactivated his old Instagram account, we still have access to all the pics he posted with Bella while they were dating.

Check out the video for some of our fave Instagrams of Bella and Tristan together!

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