The only disappointing thing about Bella Thorne's role in MTV's Scream television show is that she's just slated to appear in one episode of the show — and now she's telling fans why! According to the multi-talented star, she was offered the lead role in the series, but turned it down to expand her acting horizons.

“I had the option to do the lead, but I thought I should choose this role because I felt it was more iconic,” she told Hollywood Life.


“I thought it was just a little bit more and also I’ve never been killed on screen before. I’ve never been killed ever on anything that I’ve done. I’ve always been the character that lives at the end so it was my first time dying on screen which is pretty cool. I wouldn’t say that my character isn’t necessarily in any more of the episodes but you’ll see! I can’t necessarily say, but I’m pretty sure there’s a good chance [you’ll see me again]."

Even though she won't fess up about whether she'll appear in more episodes of the show, she did admit that she's a little tired of playing the mean girl all the time. (Her character, Nina, definitely fits into that description.)

“I’m the mean, terrible Nina. I really hope thought that they can make my character a tiny bit more likable. You always see in this, that she’s very mean. I don’t know why people give me the mean roles! I’m not mean. All the roles that I’m doing now, I’m not mean. I was like I’m done with the mean roles now guys. Let’s move on to something else please!”

Bella is a total sweetheart IRL, so we understand where she's coming from. She just wants to shake things up! While we're a bit surprised that she gave up the lead role for a character she finds more interesting and "iconic," we're also proud of her for knowing exactly what kind of roles she wants to play in the future. You go girl!

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