One of Freeform’s newest shows, Famous In Love, has caught the attention of teens and young adults everywhere. Whether you are taking your time watching the drama unfold week after week or you’ve already binged the entire season on Hulu or, one thing is for sure – the cast of Famous In Love has just hit the jackpot.

The show follows a regular college gal, Paige Townsen, played by Bella Thorne, navigate her way through the entertainment world for the first time ever. After she auditions for a role in a huge blockbuster film, Locked, and actually lands the part, she must figure out how to deal with Hollywood mean girls, cute boys, and her schoolwork!

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The chemistry between the characters is indescribable. Not only are they relatable, even though they are celebrity hot shots, but they keep you at the edge of your seat wondering who they will kiss next, fight with next, or throw someone under the bus just to get themselves ahead. This series was created by Pretty Little Liars executive producer Marlene King so you know it’s going to have twists and turns that fans would never expect!

J-14 caught up with Bella at the Freeform Upfronts and she EXCLUSIVELY revealed which one of the Famous In Love cast members she would love to have a kissing scene with! Her co-star Niki Koss is first on her list! Niki plays the role of Alexis Glenn who is a bisexual badass and Bella totally digs her vibe on screen.

J-14 asked Bella if she wants her character to have more girl on girl kissing scenes and, of course, she would totally go for it! To be honest, Bella seems down for anything!

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She said, “Honestly, I wish there were more scenes for Paige kissing Niki’s character. If you’ve already binged watched it, you know that she is America’s sweetheart and she can’t necessarily come out of the closet because she would ruin her reputation of what people think she is. And you know, that is a very important thing to get out and be out about.”

“I would love a make out scene with Niki and I literally don’t know how many times I have to low key say it to Marlene [King]. But I’ve also said it when we’ve done interviews together like, ‘Can you pass me a kissing scene with Niki?’ There has to be some way because me and Niki would just have fire chemistry.”

YASSS, Bella. We can’t help but agree with her! Bella and Niki are both super attractive and have spitfire personalities. How great would their make out scene be?! We have a feeling that whatever Bella sets her mind to usually ends up happening so don’t be surprised if a liplock between Paige and Alexis happens in the future.

Until then, let’s just continue to watch their characters’ sensual tension build on screen.

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