All good things must come to an end, and that applies to all your favorite television series too. There really is never a right time to say goodbye and even when the show has officially ended and you've come to terms with the fact that you need to let these characters you've come to know and love go, every now and then they'll creep back into your memory. Take Dove Cameron's Disney Channel show Liv and Maddie. It aired it's series finale back in March of 2017 but Dove just took to Twitter to remind everyone that it's already been one full year since the cast and crew filmed the final episode ever.

But tbh, what we really can't get over is what actually went down during that last episode. The most OMG worthy moment came when it was revealed that all along, Liv and Maddie was a reality show called Bits and Pieces. As any fan of the show knows, there are often times when all the characters would "break the fourth wall," and talk directly into the camera, addressing the viewers. Everyone thought this was just part of the L&M style, but as it turns out, the whole series was actually a reality show that started when Liv moved back home to Wisconsin four years ago. The Rooney family signed on to do the show but it only airs in Luxembourg, in French, so that's why no one really knows about it. Even Dove herself couldn't believe what happened on her own show.

For real, we're still not over it either. Shook to the core.

hermione shocked

And that's not the only beloved show that had an unforgettable plot twist that still to this day blows everyone's minds. Allow us to take a trip down memory lane and relive some more you-totally-didn't-see-it-coming scenes:

Spencer's long lost twin on Pretty Little Liars.

spencer and alex pretty little liars

It wasn't until the series finale that everyone found out who the mysterious A.D. is, the person who has been tormenting the Liar squad ever since Charlotte was revealed to be A and eventually was killed. While we here at J-14 felt this big plot twist was completely out of left field and didn't really make much sense, it was still pretty shocking and definitely had many people scratching their heads, since the character wasn't introduced until this very scene when Spencer meets her crazy twin for the first time.

Betty Cooper finds out Cheryl Blossom is her third cousin on Riverdale.

betty cooper riverdale

As any Riverdale fan knows, the Cooper and Blossom fams have a whole lot of not so nice history together, since Grandpappy Blossom apparently killed Grandpappy Cooper way back in the day. So it was a total shock when Betty's parents told her that these Grandpappys were actually brothers, which means that Betty and Cheryl are related. So weird.

Marissa Cooper dying in the Season 3 finale of The OC.

marissa the oc dies

Love her or hate her, Marissa was one of the core four characters on the The OC so when she died after succumbing to her injuries from a car accident, it was something that rocked the show. And the fact that she took her last breath in her one true love Ryan Atwood's arm just added a whole other gut-wrenching layer to this surprising outcome. Way to make us SOB forever.

Dan Humphrey reveals he's been Gossip Girl all along.

dan gossip girl

The identity of Gossip Girl really seemed to lose it's appeal as the series went on. The characters gave us so much drama, by the time the series finale rolled around, we didn't really care all that much anymore about who it was. But it was Lonely Boy himself Dan who was GG, which legit made everyone's jaw drop. He exposed some truly dark secrets about those he loved most! So perhaps it was worth the wait after all.

When Katherine first appears as Elena on The Vampire Diaries.

the vampire diaries katherine as elena

Once Elena found out that her doppelgänger happened to be the one and only Katherine Pierce, the bad to the bone vampire responsible for turning both Damon and Stefan Salvatore into vampires, it was only a matter of time before she returned to Mystic Falls to wreak some havoc. And her first appearance will forever be a moment in the series that will have you saying OH EM GEE. Katherine dressed as Elena and while in Elena's kitchen, attacked Uncle John and cut off his fingers, we kid you not. Everyone watching thought it was Elena and when it hits you that it's actually Kat herself, well that's a feeling no fan will ever forget.

Andi finds out that her older sister Bex is actually her biological mom on Andi Mack.

andi mack plot twist

Disney Channel's latest series featured a plot twist at the end of the pilot episode that was legit a total shocker. On her thirteenth birthday, Andi finds out her older sister is actually her mom, and this is something that truly has never been done on a Disney show before. It was the big mystery surrounding the series once it premiered and it for sure lived up to the hype. Who would've guessed that?!

Maya gets adopted by Shawn in Girl Meets World.

girl meets world maya gets adopted

GMW ended the series on a hopeful note, with Maya finally getting the family she always dreamed of. Shawn Hunter married her mom Katy and he ended up surprising Maya with adoption papers, so she became Maya Hunter. It was a truly sweet surprise for fans of the series who had been waiting for Maya to get her true happy ending.

Honorable mention: the whole ending scene of The Lizzie McGuire Movie.

So we know it's not a TV show, but The Lizzie McGuire Movie was based on the Disney Channel show so we're including it in here. When Isabella asked Paolo to sing live for everyone, it's truly an iconic moment because well…

lizzie mcguire movie isabella

Paolo was a FRAUD WHO CAN'T ACTUALLY SING. He had Lizzie and all of us fooled with his smooth talking, incredibly silky looking dark hair and impressive Vespa riding skills.

lizzie mcguire movie paolo

But he had the worst voice ever and once he leaves the stage, Lizzie and Isabella get to sing "This Is What Dreams Are Made Of," the best song to ever end a movie with. The plot twist to truly end all plot twists.

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