Weddings are always a joyous occasion and even fictional TV ones are just as exciting as the real thing. On some of your fave shows, there have been plenty of times where characters were totally dressed in costumes that were perfect for their wedding day. Except not all these weddings actually happened, or weren't real and were all just part of the wacky, yet hilarious adventures these characters were on. Take Austin and Ally for example. Laura Marano recently took to Twitter to commemorate the six-year anniversary of the show and chose to post a squad pic from the episode where Ally and Austin have a fake wedding in one of their classes.

ADORABLE and hey, any excuse to end up wearing a stunning, white bridal gown, right? Well, not every show has tricked us and some of your all-time faves actually saw characters live happily ever after together and yes, they got married. So from pretend weddings to real ones, we rounded up some of TV's best ever wedding scenes for you to relive all the magic and fall in love all over again. You're welcome.

Check out all the pics and GIFs below!

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