Tons of celebrities have made their mark on the world, thanks to social media. One of those stars is YouTube sensation, Bethany Mota who has proven she can do more than create videos and take the perfect Instagram snap.

The social media star released her first book earlier this year, where she did not shy away from talking about dealing with bullies to learning how to love herself. She’s inspired thousands of people, and Bethany is hoping to inspire others with a new and surprising move.

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In an essay she wrote to Cosmopolitan, the YouTube star revealed to her fans that she would be taking a break from the outlet that gave her a start. Yes, Bethany is taking a little break from social media, and explained how she came to this decision by writing, “I love sharing my life. But at a certain point—maybe it was at one of those hangouts where everyone was checked out on their phones — I realized I was giving it too much power.”

“I found myself feeling like I had to share everything I did. And I mean everything: from my morning cappuccino to my favorite red sneakers to the latest inspo quote I came across. I even started to feel guilty if I just went to the movies for fun, like What could I be doing on social media,” she continued to write.

We have to applaud Bethany for being able to take a step back, and see how something she once loved and used to connect with people from all across the world was slowly taking over her life.

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She continued to explain how she felt disconnected to everyone and everything else around her by admitting, “I was never fully present. I wasn’t building bonds with people, and I wasn’t happy. I had to ask myself who “the shot” was for anyway. Was I taking it to impress somebody? Or did I really just want to capture the moment because it meant something to me?”

Bethany went on to reassure her fans that this break doesn’t mean she’s going to stop posting completely on social media. The YouTube star will continue to share, just maybe not as often as she used to.

It had to be one tough decision to make, and we're sure that minimizing her time not just on her phone but also online, will help her not only live in the moment but appreciate everything she felt like she was missing out on.

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