Lynn Painter‘s popular YA book Better Than the Movies *better* be getting a movie adaptation soon! Rumors of a possible live-action film have started to surface on the internet, with fans putting together their own personal fan casts on who should play who. Keep reading for everything we know.

Is ‘Better Than the Movies’ getting a movie adaptation?

It hasn’t been confirmed that the novel is getting its own movie (yet), but we’re pretty hopeful! With its immense love from fans, we think any streamer would be lucky to adapt the love story between Wes and Liz!

ICYMI, the book follows a teenager named Liz Buxbaum, a helpless romantic who has been daydreaming about her crush Michael for ages, but he never noticed her before he moved away. Now that he’s back in town, Liz is determined to catch his eye and maybe even secure him as her prom date.

To her surprise, she finds herself teaming up with her childhood nemesis, Wes Bennet, who is annoyingly attractive but has always been a thorn in her side with his pranks. As Liz and Wes hatch a plan to get Michael’s attention, they unexpectedly start enjoying each other’s company. Liz begins to question her long-held beliefs about love and what true happiness might look like, realizing that sometimes the best things happen when you least expect them.

Who will be in ‘Better Than the Movies’ cast?

While the movie hasn’t been confirmed yet, fans have a *lot* of ideas on who should play Wes and Liz.

Some standouts for Wes include Jack Champion, Milo Manheim and Charlie Bushnell (who actually follows the author on Instagram). As for our redheaded hopeless romantic, fans have listed Sadie Sink, Lola Tung and Saylor Curda.

Who do you think should play Wes and Liz? Let us know in the comments!

Will there be a ‘Better Than the Movies’ sequel?

Yes! In fact, the second book will be called Nothing Like the Movies, and is set to be released on September 24, 2024.

The highly anticipated sequel will follow “Wes and Liz struggle to balance their feelings for each other with the growing pains of being a college student,” according to an official synopsis.

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