Wednesday, April 29’s Riverdale episode transported viewers back in time and shared #Barchie’s love story from start to finish. That’s right, fans got a first look into the lives of Young Betty Cooper and Young Archie Andrews when the fan-favorite CW series had an epic flashback scene showing the exact moment the two characters first met, and for the blonde haired cutie, it was most definitely love at first sight!

For those who missed it, the flashback showed Young Betty as she wrote in her diary before spotting Young Archie moving into the house next door. Then, it skipped to a scene that showed the BFFs promise to get married once they hit the age of 18. But that’s not all! After weeks of waiting, fans finally got to see the scene showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa had been teasing on social media. You know, the one where the young couple laid on the floor holding hands while listening to records together.

Suddenly, the flashback ended and present day Betty and Archie — played by Lili Reinhart and KJ Apa — were forced to face their feelings and discuss the kiss that rocked the Riverdale fandom. Naturally, Archie wrote Betty a song while they talked about their feeling, and he admitted that, “Honestly, I can’t stop thinking about you, Betty. I’ve tried.” She then agreed, “I can’t stop thinking about you, either.”

So, did the pair break up with their significant others for each other? No, the complete opposite actually. After they thought it over, both characters decided to shut down the blossoming romance. But something tells us that this isn’t the end of #Barchie, especially after the cast and crew has been talking about the romance for a while.

For those who missed it, back in July 2019, Roberto told Us Weekly that the show “would be a failure” if writers didn’t explore the possibility of “Archie and Betty together romantically” just like in the original comics. Not too long after that, the star of the show himself, KJ, admitted that he’s totally here for a Betty and Archie romance, too!

“I think the idea of Archie and Betty is pretty cool because it’s so iconic,” the actor told Buzzfeed back in February. “I think the whole endgame, like Archie and Betty being endgame, is something really cool. I think the fans would really love that.”

That’s not all! Casey Cott, who fans know as Kevin Keller, even told Entertainment Tonightthat #Barchie is “endgame.”

“But I think Betty and Archie are kind of — I mean, I said it in the first episode — they were supposed to be the endgame, so we’ll see what happens,” he dished. “I’m sure there will be many [relationship] swaps in the remainder of Riverdale before it ends, so I would say whether you’re excited for it or not excited for it, just strap in because I’m sure it will be in your favor any day now.”

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