Sorry, guys, but Billie Eilish is not looking for a husband at the moment! That’s right, the Grammy award winning songstress recently turned down Lil Pump‘s proposal to “wife” her up during an Instagram Live and, honestly, we can’t stop laughing.

For those who missed it, the songstress hosted a livestream on Monday, April 20, to perform some of the songs from the movie American Beauty on the piano for fans, when the rapper started to leave some pretty flirty messages in the comment section. Naturally, fans were quick to screenshot his comments, some of which read, “lemme take you on a date” and “please lemme wife you.” At first, the 18-year-old seemed to ignore his advances, but she did start hysterically laughing upon seeing them.

“I can’t even tell you what I’m laughing at,” she told fans. Then the “Bad Guy” singer totally turned him down, simply saying, “No thanks.”

That response didn’t seem to be good enough for Lil Pump though, because he continued leaving comments throughout the rest of the stream. The 19-year-old wanted Billie to know he wasn’t messing around and event wrote, “I’m serious.” But she decided to ignore the rest of his advances and continued performing.

As fans know, this isn’t the first time these two have interacted via social media. Previously, back in 2019, she addressed Lil Pump head on during another Instagram Live after hearing that he wasn’t a fan of her music.

“Somebody told me Lil Pump was on a shoot and my song started playing and he skipped it,” she said at the time.

From the looks of it, nothing romantic will ever happen between these two artists. Sorry, Lil Pump!

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