As fans know, throughout her time in the spotlight, Billie Eilish has become quite the fashionista. Yep, the songstress has not only walked some pretty major red carpets wearing the biggest designers, but also started quite the sneakers collection. Well guys, it looks like that sneaker collection may be in some trouble because in a since-expired Instagram Stories post, the songstress gave fans a look into her rows of expensive shoes after her dog pooped on them.

“I walk into my room and I smell s**t,” she said. “I’m like, d**n, did I step on s**t in the yard and I came inside with it?”

Then, in another clip, said, “This is what I find. This is what I f**king find.”

Her dog’s poop and paw prints were all over custom Louis Vuitton shoes, Nike sneakers and the limited edition Christian Dior Nike shoes — which TikTok star Charli D’Amelio just bought for her sister’s birthday for $30,000. According to Buzzfeed, the entire collection that her dog ruined was worth more than a few thousand dollars.

Following the mess, Billie also shared a photo of her pup alongside the caption, “Oh you innocent now?”

From the sound of it, the “My Future” singer wasn’t too mad at her pet!

Billie Eilish Has The Best Reaction After Her Dog Poops In Her $9000 Sneaker Collection

For those who missed it, amid the current coronavirus pandemic, the 18-year-old fostered two Pitbull puppies at her California home and called it a “full-time job.” But on April 13, she took to Instagram Stories and revealed in a since-expired snap that she “failed at fostering,” so she decided to donate one of the pooches to someone else.

“This little mama also got a different forever home and is going to live the happiest life,” Billie wrote alongside one of the pups she’s been keeping at her home. Then, she revealed that she had adopted the other dog herself!

“As for this little nameless monkey… You are mine!” she said, showing off her adorable new pet.

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